Bleeding of tracks

Hi am new to Audacity, when I record a 2nd track it records what Ive already recorded on th first track, is there any way I can make the 2nd and anoy subsequent track just record, what I am recording at that time, like a true multitrack studio? or do track always bleed into each other?..thanks…victor

The bleeding is down to how your sound card is set up, and nothing to do with audacity. You need to make sure there is no acoustic path from the playback to the microphone (e.g. by using headphones), and also make sue that you select the input to your sound card as the recording source, not an output like “Stereo Mix” that will also contain the played back tracks.

I am having the same problem. I tried going to my recording volume levels and turn all off other than microphone, but it still records all sounds being played on my computer even without my microphone being plugged in. Any other suggestions on places to look or things to try?

fisheromen, you have an input called “Stereo Mix” or “Wav Out” (or something similar) selected. This will record any sounds coming out of your speakers, regardless of any other inputs you have plugged in. Change the input source to something that you’d like to record.

turning down stereo mix on my recording settings cuts off all recording. When I tried turning that down I didn’t even get the microphone to record. but the mic records if i turn on the stereo mix.

You need to change the source that Audacity is using the record the audio from. Adjust the volume level of the wrong source isn’t going to help.

The Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O tab has a drop-down menu that you need to use to select the source you’re using.

I have my sound card selected as the device to use for recording in Audacity. Which is the same device that my mic is plugged into and that I have been trying to adjust recording volume levels on in my “recording control” window that I got to from the control panel. In that control window, I have several recording sources listed (stereo mix, line in, microphone, cd player, etc.) with “select” check boxes. I think this is the standard WindowsXP sound control window. I wonder if the problem is that only the “stereo mix” and “SPDIF” select boxes seem to work. I have no idea how to make the other inputs selectable.

I think that is exactly the problem - you have knackered drivers that don’t work properly. Sounds like an upgrade to the drivers is in order: