blank progress box, minor bug

When I apply Equalization to a large project, the progress dialog box that pops up is blank while Audacity is equalizing. The previous version on my computer, 2.1.2, did not have that bug.

I can’t reproduce that here (on Linux).

Which operating system are you using?
Which version of Audacity?
Are you using the “Graphic Eq” or the “Draw” mode? Does it make any difference?
Are you using a preset, or your own custom settings? Does that make any difference?
Is the issue reproducible regardless of the settings?
Are you applying to a single mono track, or more tracks / channels?
Is this with a recording that you have made, or an imported file, or does that make no difference?
Anything else you can tell us about this issue?

I cannot reproduce that on W10 CE with either the released 2.2.0 or or on the alpha for the upcoming 2.2.1 :confused:


Well, this is embarrassing; it turns out I mis-reported the problem. It occurs when I export audio to a FLAC file. The progress dialog box is blank, and I’ve attached a screen shot. This problem did not occur in the previous version of Audacity I had installed, version 2.1.2.

On Linux I don’t see that, but I do see a problem. When exporting as FLAC there is no progress dialog window at all.

Which version of Window are you using?

Which exact version of Audacity are you using?

Good catch Steve Brown :sunglasses:

Logged on our Bug-tracker as P3 Bug #1790:

This is a recent bug that crept into 2.2.0 (was ok in 2.1.3 and earlier). Luckily you caught this just in time for us to hopefully squeeze a fix for it into the upcoming 2.2.1 release :smiley: :sunglasses:

Thanks for that,


No need now, we’ve worked it out, but for future reference, it is very helpful if you include the full version number of Audacity, and details of your operating system, when you report a bug.

Thanks for your report.

You’re welcome. It may be too much to ask, but I’d like to be able to see a readout of the coordinates of a point drawn on the Equalizer graph, in the upcoming release of Audacity. That would make it easier for me to combine two equalization curves into one, instead of having the Equalization effect do two passes on the same file, one for each curve. I figure the fewer passes, the better it is for the audio.


Steve Brown

P.S. I’m using Windows 10 Home and Audacity 2.2.0.

Asking is fine :slight_smile: If it’s not available now, we can log it as a feature request.
Feature requests are best posted on this board: where they remain visible for longer, so more likely to attract discussion and possibly support from others. The ‘votes’ for the feature are then logged on the Audacity wiki and the forum topic is archived.

That is not going to happen in the next release, as that is due out early December (not enough time).
The Equalization effect is well overdue for a rewrite. I’ve added your ‘vote’ for this feature.

Provided that the track is 32-bit float format (default), it actually makes no difference. 32-bit float is so accurate that you can apply an effect thousands of times without degrading the sound quality.