Blackmagicdesign Intensity Shuttle

Hi Everyone,

Macbook Pro
Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle via USB
Cassette Deck rca to Intensity Shuttle to MacBook via USB

Audacity recognizes this interface but not getting a signal. I can get a signal via built in computer mic. Other apps work with the interface. Thoughts?

Is that a video capture device? I’ve not been able to find a manufacturer’s product page for the device.

Does this look like the same issue? Blackmagic Forum • View topic - INTENSITY SHUTTLE USB to MAC MOJAVE

yes it is a video capture device. I do get audio levels in various video software but not in Audacity or Garageband.

It is not the same issue as what is posted in the BMD forum. I do get audio levels on the Media Express unlike the poster of that issue.

I’m not an expert on video, but I think that video devices combine the video and audio components in the same stream (called “multiplexing” or “muxing”). Most audio recording software (including Audacity) can only record from an audio stream. To record a multiplexed audio / video stream you would normally use video recording software.