Black Banner post Audacity Load

OS X: 10.1 | Audacity 2.12 (from .dmg)

After loading a file in Audacity (after some time has passed using the file) a black box/banner will popup and make the program unusable. I have to force quite the application and restart it. Screen shot attached.
Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 11.39.23 AM.png

I sincerely doubt your Mac OSX version is 10.1. So I’ll take that for 10.11.

And Audacity isn’t 2.12, but probably 2.1.2.

Are you sure you downloaded Audacity from:

Not from any other site?

You can see where you downloaded it from, if you kept the original download, by selecting the file and hitting command-i (Get info). Somewhere in there is the URL it came from.

Just asking, because nobody else reported this yet and there are downloads for Audacity that have been tampered with. Sometimes to add a real feature, sometimes to add malware.

Download path from Audacity [] ----> [] ----> [] -----> []. URL from ‘get info’ listed below.;badurl=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5mb3NzaHViLmNvbS9BdWRhY2l0eS5odG1s/c5eaac8ad65d48dc1dfadc0dd4d763cbd962e839a70ff60bba4e4e98067931a4/Audacity/audacity-macosx-ub-2.1.2.dmg,

That’s the right download, all right.

In which case, I’m out of ideas.

Never seen this on OSX. It doesn’t look like hardware failure, because the black banner has styled corners. That should mean it’s software and it’s probably a bug in Audacity, or something in your system.

I think one other user vaguely reported something similar but did not respond further.

Does this black rectangle appear when you are playing the file? Have you installed any apps that give information about or modify playback of a file?

Does the Mac menu bar still say “Audacity” when the black rectangle appears? If not, what does the menu bar say?

Is the black rectangle accompanied by the Mac spinning coloured ball?

Could you post any Audacity hang or crash reports from the times this happened? The reports can be found at /Applications/Utilities/ See How to attach files to forum posts.


In response to your questions:

Black rectangle appears after a nonspecific amount of time (have not been able to reproduce it intentionally). There are no other applications, to my knowledge, that would provide this type of information (i.e., information about or modify playback of a file). I do have a plugin for 3gp import though Audacity (ffmpeg I think) but this was installed after the black rectangle began to appear.

The Mac menu bar does still say Audacity, but I’m not able to interact with it for the most part; it’s unresponsive.

No Mac spinning beachball accompanies the unresponsive event. I’m able to do all other things non-Audacity related.

I’ll make a note to gather any logs, in the location described, the next time this occurs and attach them to the thread.