bizarre recording speed change

Hey guys,

OK I’m using Audacity 2.0.2 on a WinXPPro computer. I do voiceovers - for commercial/corporate videos. I’ve been using the software successfully for a year and a half or so.

Suddenly I’ve developed a recording problem. I start the software, record one track, play it back, it sounds fine. No problem.

The next track I record sounds like it’s been speeded up. It sounds like it’s running at about 120% normal speed…the “Mickey Mouse” effect - not as fast as “Alvin and the Chipmunks” speed, but fast enough to be noticeable. I can adjust the playback speed to slow it down, and it sounds OK but then my original track sounds too slow.

I change codec or I/O settings, the problem goes away. I record a new track immediately after changing one of the settings, it sounds fine.

Second track after that change - voila! problem is back.

I reboot the software, problem goes away. Second track I record after reboot - problem is back.

I’ve rebooted the computer and even reinstalled the software. Problem remains, as described above. This leads me to believe source of problem is operator error - some mistake I am making or maybe some software setting somewhere that is out of whack, or has been somehow changed…but I cannot for the life of me figure out what that might be.

Any ideas? all help GREATLY appreciated!

2.0.2 is now obsolete so I suggest you update to 2.0.5 in any case.

Please say more about exactly what device you are recording from - make and model numbers. Also make and model number of the computer.

Exactly where and what do you change when you change “codec or I/O settings”?

It will not necessarily be an Audacity setting at fault, but for reinstallation to reset Audacity settings, install 2.0.5 and tick (check) the “Reset Preferences” box halfway through the installer. Otherwise, reinstallation will not change your settings at all.

If you are using the built in sound device, make sure it has the correct drivers or that a Windows Update has not changed the drivers. See .

If you are using an external sound device, make sure its sample rate is the same as the Audacity project rate (bottom left) and the rate of the tracks. Either use 44100 Hz for project rate or set project rate to one of the native sample rates of the device (read the device manual to find out what those rates are) .

Also see: .

Also see: Support is ending for Windows XP .