Bit Rate

Hi, is there a way to increase the bit rate on recordings? I need to up the rate to 128 or 256 bps. Any suggestions?

I need to up the rate to 128 or 256 bps.

If you’re creating audiobook work, submission to ACX should be MP3 at 192, constant bitrate, and sampling at 44100. That’s the minimum quality submission.

In Audacity 2.3.2, the MP3 creation software is built-in and at Export, you are given the choice of bitrate and other options.

You should be exporting your announcing, and exporting the final mastered edit as WAV for safety and archive. Only then do you make the lower quality MP3 for submission.

Conversion to MP3 is permanent. It’s an end-product format and creates non-recoverable distortion. Once you make an MP3 at 128 quality, it can only get worse even if you “convert” the work to 256 or other much higher quality format. What you get is a 256 MP3 with 128 distortion (plus a little 256 distortion mixed in).

I bet you’re wondering why ACX wants you to send an MP3. It’s a business decision, not an audio one. They have to store your work on their servers and MP3 is cheaper. They insist on 192 quality (and strongly suggest mono) so they can resample your work to other formats without the MP3 distortion getting too bad.