bit rate

hello, i use audacity to cut the duration of some songs, and to key in relevant details like artist/track title.

However, when i save the file, the file size always becomes huge! lets say i start out with a 5-10mb song, it always ends up becoming a 50-60mb song. Any ideas? i tried reducing the project rate, but the song doesn’t sound like the original song, which happens to be a lot smaller… Im saving it as AIFF because for some reason when i enter the artist/title information as a mp3, itunes is not processing the artist/title.

Audacity doesn’t edit MP3 downloads. What it does is open the music in its own very high quality internal music format and edit that, then it creates a whole new sound file. If it creates a very high quality wav file, it will come out 30MB for three minutes. You can’t ever go back to the original compressed, small format without creating music compression damage. That’s the down side of MP3 downloads.

You can use an editor that doesn’t take the original file apart such as MP3SPLT. You can do simple edits and keep the same filesize and quality.


Alright! Cool thank you v much!!