bit depth for makro export

My wish would be an option to adjust the bit depth (16/24 or 32) for the makro feature. Right now, I need to export one file manually in a certain bit depth to make audacity export the file in the bit depth I want. Optimum would be to take the bit depth of the original file as audacity does with the sample rate.

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Audacity works internally at 32-floating, not regular 32-bit. This is done to keep you out of trouble with filters and special effects. 32-floating doesn’t overload. If you apply an effect that accidentally boosts your volume into overload or clipping, it’s a simple matter to gently reduce the volume back into normal range with the effect still applied. There is no sound damage.

In the fixed bit depths, all the sound boosted into overload would be destroyed.


Audacity does not have that yet, but it is a feature that the developers want to add.