Birb songs claenup


I recorded some really nice birbs singing outside my window. Sadly, the recording tools on my phone focus more on the background noise… :laughing:

Is any of you fine chaps willing to help me with a simple cleanup of the recording? You know, the usual - background noise removal (cars on the road, dog barking, me handling the phone :unamused:, etc.) and boosting the beautiful birb songs?

I really don’t have the Audacity skills needed for this task, or the time to acquire them, but I’m pretty sure it would be a piece of cake for most of you. If anyone is interested, here is a link to the recording:

Thanks in advance!
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Possibly some of the road-traffic noise can be reduced,
but odds-are the birdsong cannot be completely isolated.

If generic birdsong is sufficient there’s plenty on Freesound …

Odd, the link was working fine an hour ago. Anyway, here it is again but this time on a new server

As for the results, I only wish someone to give it a try. I know it’s not CSI:Miami where we’d get it with 1 click. :smiley:

Oh, I just realized that anyone can delete the file on the most free upload services. :imp:

Here it is on my Dropbox: Let’s see how trolls will delete it now. :wink:

Also, I don’t need a generic birbsong (like it that you stick with the word ‘birb’). I like to have my recording to remind me when I still had forest in my backyard. They are going to build a new residential quarter and cut the forest down soon… :angry:

CSI is science-fiction.
In reality best that can be done IMO is remove frequencies below 2000Hz, (no birdsong there),
to reduce road-traffic, then use noise reduction

Thanks, Trebor!

I’ll give it a try myself, hopefully soon. What you did as a demo sounded OK to me.

I’m truly sorry about that! I’m using script and ad blockers, so maybe that’s why I didn’t get the red flags? Anyhow, the Dropbox link is still up, so anyone who wishes to give it a try is welcome.

Ahaha j’aime beaucoup ce forum !

Merci à vous de publier ainsi, j’aime faire de la music avec audacity, c’est incroyable, d’autant plus que j’utilisais ce logiciel en physique-chimie au collège… que de nostalgie, quand je prenais des trains pour aller en cours…

Merci de continuer à partager autant, au plaisir d’échanger avec vous !