bioacoustic analysis - dominant frequency?

Hi all,

Trying to analyse some frog calls and I have completely forgotten how on earth to measure dominant frequency… (derp) from what I remember, it’s the frequency with the highest amplitude peak on the power spectrum? (PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong >.<) so if I were to do this in Audacity it’s just Analyze and plot spectrum yes? I’ve uploaded my power spectrum and just wanted to check, so in this case my dominant frequency is 2012Hz (at least that’s what it says when I put my cursor over the highest peak?) I think I may have confused myself…some clarity would be wonderful and google is not helping :confused:

Thanks in advance

That sounds right, though I don’t think it is actually a “power” spectrum. It shows the “amplitude” that is normalised so that a full scale sine wave will show as 0 dB.
You may find it easier to “read” the spectrum if you change the Axis setting to “Log Frequency”.

Ah I see, thank you for your help. Is there a feature in Audacity that helps you to measure the fundamental frequency of a call?

Yes, you’re using it. The feature is “Plot Spectrum”.

Audacity has “Pitch (EAC)” in the Track Drop-Down Menu for displaying the estimated fundamental frequency.

To me all this reads as if Praat is what you need, not Audacity. The “speech analysis” functions of Praat also work with animal noises.

Don’t try to read and understand the Praat online HTML documentation. All the texts are available via “Help” buttons from the specific function windows in the Praat program. That’s much easier to learn how it works.

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