Binaurals mixed down to one stereo file?

I’m making my own subliminal affirmations (used Nyquist effect) with a binaural ambient track. Imported both the affirmations and binaural tracks just fine. The affirmations are in mono and the binaurals in stereo which makes sense. When I export it all together I get the message ‘your tracks will be mixed down and exported as one stereo file.’ The youtube video that i used to walk me step by step through this process does not have that message - in fact it says it will be mixed down to ‘two stereo channels.’

I’ve researched all other questions and none are answering this specifically. I need it to be two stereo channels because binaural is two channels - one in the left ear and one in the right ear. Help! This is where I learned to make these, if that is of help:

Thanks in advance for your wisdom and knowledge!

It’s OK. “Stereo” implies 2 channels. It’s just that you have more than 2 tracks. I assume you have 3 tracks - The left & right binaural tracks, plus the mono subliminal. Unless you want to make a 3-channel file to play on a surround system it needs to be mixed-down to mono or stereo.


Thank you SO MUCH. That makes sense. I’m fairly tech friendly and just could not figure this out, kept going down rabbit holes.
You are so kind, thank you much.