Binaural Recording Uni Project


For my uni project I need to generate some binaural audio stream and I was wondering if you guys could give me a hand with regards to the settings I need in audacity and maybe with regards to the equipment too.

I am looking at using these mics ( and then plug those into a mixer ( to create a single output which should contain the information for both the left and right channel, and then take the output through the USB connection to Audacity to produce the highest bitrate to ensure that the sound can be localised properly.
To stream it live I am planning on enabling the software passthrough so that the ‘sound out’ will be the same as the in.

Not sure if I am explaining myself properly but if you have any questions that will help you help me then just ask!


Those microphones will not work directly with a mixer.
According to the specifications ( they need to be powered by a voltage 2V to 10V, 500uA.
Mixing desks, may or may not supply power for microphones (phantom power). If they do, then it is at around 48V (which will probably destroy those microphones).

What is your budget?

So how/where does Audacity come into this?