binaural recording questions

I’d like to do binaural recording using binaural earphone (here is the equipment I have. Here is my setting.

Sound source: stereo natural sounds played from machine 1 (Mac).
Recorded sounds: 2 signals from 2 channels (from left & right ear buds) from machine 2(can be Mac or PC or laptop)

I’d like to know record sounds binaurally both from Mac and Windows XP and Windows 7.

I’ve searched a while and followed the instructions I found from the web, but still did not work.

From Audacity, I know I need to set up recording device from preference, and choose 2 channels. But I am still confused with the following questions.

1. where should I plug in my earphone? For PC, line-in or microphone jack? For Max, headphone jack?

2. what recording device I should set up? For PC, line-in? microphone? For Max?


On a PC it may work with the microphone jack socket, however, please note that computer microphone sockets are often mono. Also, they are usually designed to use a 3 contact mini-jack plug, not a 5 contact mini-jack, so the computer socket may not be compatible.
Most Macs do not have microphone inputs.

The microphones will probably not work plugged into a “Line In” as the microphones will require a low voltage supply current to be present, and this is not usually the case with Line in sockets.