binaural isochronic copy

Hi guys. technically challenged person over here so please bare with me…Maybe a basic question but if I have something playing on my computer with binaural and isochronic tones and I want to record it , are there any specific audacity adjustments I need to make or will this format below work? Thanks a billion*
audacity snip.PNG

That looks OK. Does it work?

If that “something” is a file, then it would be better to “Import” it rather than “Recording” it.
If that “something” is on the Internet and there is a “download” option, then better to download it and then Import it.

Thank you Steve! Its on the internet but cant be downloaded. It sounds ok I just thought it being binaural and all whether it needs someting ekstra to still be effective…If you say it looks ok that way ,must be good then thanks**