Binary toolbar

How does one add a binary label (binary ruler) in audacity? I know this is possible as shown in the attachment, but I haven’t been able to locate this.


Anything is possible if one fakes an image or if you are a programmer. Are you a programmer? What are you trying to do? There are probably several hundred samples in those groups you have drawn.


Like you said anything is possible. The question is how much time do I want to sink into this problem. I want to take raw wav file and look at the binary stream (visually). It’s hard to believe I would have to build this, but where would I turn to for some good samples to give myself a head start?

Perhaps you should just use something like or look around for something similar.

Is the idea that you want to view the individual samples visually as a waveform and also see each sample’s binary value? If so, what is the larger aim of this?


I am working with an audio sample extracted with SDR. I need to be able to identify the type of modulation and then extract the binary from certain blocks of the signal. Usually you can tell the significant parts just by looking at the signal.

“Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy”?