Bin spikes at regular frequency intervals

I have white noise recordings from a geophysical electromagnetic receiver. The frequency range is pretty wide open. We are most interested in 50 to 2300 hz. And we are interested in categorizing and binning the spikes. For instance, above a certain threshold amplitude, I would like to bin the spikes in 50 hz bins whereby I get a count of the number of spikes and the perhaps the average amplitude of these spikes in each bin. I am not sure Audacity is cut out for this kind of analysis. Thanks for responding in advance. Dan

audacityteam wrote:
Plot Spectrum take the audio in blocks of ‘Size’ samples, does the FFT, and averages all the blocks together.

OK. Got that. Now how do I filter the data then Plot Spectrum. I just need to look at 50 to 2300 hz

How can I limit the Plot Spectrum display to these same frequencies or nearly so. I can zoom vertically on that display but not horizontally.

Most people doing this kind of scientific work use MATLAB or a MATLAB clone.

Or there is a Nyquist - FFT Function (I’ve never done any Nyquist programming.)

Plot Spectrum only analyzes a short time-period of audio:

The Spectrogram View looks at the whole file but it may not be that useful either.

The free version of Voxengo SPAN plugin allows you to zoom-in horizontally …

Voxengo ''SPAN'' frequency-analyzer

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