bilateral recording

Hello Is it possible in audacity recording own music with the sound is going from left to right in a frequency of 60 or 70 p/m. This will be use in the EMDR practise. Thanks for help. Best wishes, Paul

There’s an Audacity plugin called “panlfo2a.ny”

Gives the choice of smoothly panning (sine/triangle), or alternate hard-panning (pulse).

Thanks Trebor Its working! My wife ask me for this job. She is EMDR therapist and now I can make every music bilateral even my own piano compositions. I hope it will help the patients. Best wishes Paul

One question left: tempo change can be made in this plugin? Or I must save first and import in the effect tempo.
Greetings Paul

Bit stupid. With tempo change for left right the song will be of course also change.

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