Big diff. bet. do I do this now?

V2.3.2 in Mac 10.12.6

I just upgraded from 2.1.3 and immediately found a MAJOR change for which I need clarification.

In the past, I could save multiple files (which were processed by Audacity), then File>import>[select multiple files], and Audacity would open each in the same window, one below the other. I would then select all>align tracks end to end>then save this one file.

After upgrading to 2.3.2, when I import multiple files, the first file has it’s original audio, BUT ALSO, the second file’s audio plays WITH the first file! For example, the first imported file is the host describing the music piece, and the second file is the music piece. After I save each separately, if I play just the first, I hear ONLY the host voice. But when I import both files, now, while the host is talking, the sound from the second file is overlaid on the first. WTF? Is this a bug?

The work around now is to open each file in separate windows, transport to end of first file, then copy>paste second file to end of first. Then save as one file. Is this the only way now? Why would such a change be made?

There’s an app for that: select all the tracks, (in one window), then Align End to End.

Thank you. How silly of me. I tried playing before I had aligned tracks end to end.