BIG click noise when starting to play after scroll/zoom


After making a few scroll/zoom operations, when I start playing any track, I hear a BIG CLICK noise :astonished: and then the track is played normally.
In other conditions I have no noise issue.

Ever noticed this ?
Found any work around to save my ears ?



Windows 8.1
Audacity 2.2.2 and 2.2.1

Not on this computer, though I know some computers (usually laptops) will turn off the sound card when it is not being used, and turn it back on again when sound is required, and it can make a loud click when it turns back on.

If you are using a laptop, avoid running on batteries if possible (while working with audio), and turn off the power saving features. This may or may not help, but worth a try.

I often (mostly in fact - but not always) get a very loud click at the end of a Timer Recording.


Thanks for your replies.
I think Steve found the problem.

I do use a laptop. Unfortunately, whatever the settings I use (everything always on, performance, etc.), I still have the big click problem.
But I found a workaround based on Steve diagnostic : when I use Audacity I let VLC play a “silent” audio on a loop (so the audio card is always on) and no more big click !

Thanks again,