Bewildered with USB Cassette recording

I am also a bewildered novice. So bewildered I cannot find how to ask a question in this forum, so I’m jumping on someone else’s post to see if someone can help. I bought a USB Cassette Capture to transfer my audio cassettes to iTunes. I downloaded the Audacity 2.0.3 setup CD and that’s as far as I got. I’m a 67 year old woman who has only been using a computer for about 5 yrs and that’s mainly Facebook, email and iTunes. I’m none too savvy, technically. I hooked everything up, but following the first step of the Tutorial didn’t help. My test recording didn’t play back.
I really thought this would be an easy thing and was so happy the technology existed, but now I’m just so frustrated. If anyone has the time to give me step-by-step SIMPLE instructions, I would be so
grateful. Thanks.

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It’s best to update to 2.1.2 from Audacity ® | Download for Windows then follow our tutorial in the Manual - this one: Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks.