Better way to record...maybe presonus

At church we record the pastor’s message directly into a CD Burner. We then have to rip the CD to MP3 then import it into Audacity and then export as MP3 so we can put it on iTunes. Bad way to do it, I know. Can I use a Presonus 1394 with Audacity? If not, what will work with Audacity? I would like to take the direct out from my Mackie 32-4 and record directly to my computer with a CD back-up. Thanks for any help.

A conventional Mackie? Take the line output of the Mackie and plug it into the Line In of the computer (fan icon pointing inside). Set up Audacity and press record. We use a different sound board, but that’s exactly the way we record a weekly company meeting in the theatre. Pick one of the other Mackie outputs–say one of the subs–and feed that to the CD burner for protection.

No, I will not tell you how to run the Mackie. That’s impossible. Nobody has ever been able to run a Mackie right the first time.


About the PreSonus, yes it will work in Audacity provided it’s running non-ASIO drivers. I used one myself for a few hours with Audacity once.