Best way to track out shows recorded from my Tascam Dr-40

Hey guys I have a quick question. I record gigs and practices on my tascam dr-40. I dont make new tracks every song since im playing. Usually there’s just a 1rst and 2nd set. Whats the best way to track these into individual songs for uploading on our archive site.


Open the large master files in Audacity (one at a time) and place a Label at the beginning of each song. Control-B?? My computer is going to be different from yours. Tracks > Add Label.

Audacity doesn’t “scan” in real time, but you can use the magnifier tools to zoom into and out at about three minute intervals or however long the songs are.

Then File > Export Multiple and each labeled song will appear as a single music file. You don’t even have to delete break gaps or the long lead-in at the beginning. Just label them as songs and don’t use them.

You can also drop all of those files into a Music CD Authoring (Burning) program and tell the program not to use any gap between songs. The CD will play beginning to end just like the original performance, but still give you the ability to skip forward to your favorite song. Music CDs are limited to 78 minutes and it’s not optional.


You didn’t say what the format was, but if Audacity can’t deal with them, you may need to install the FFMpeg software.

Also, you should purposefully avoid capturing compressed files (AAC, MP3) in the Tascam. They may sound good initially, but you will be double and triple compressing each song to post on-line.

“Why do my on-line songs sound bubbly and honky like a bad cell call?”

MP3 is the end, the delivery format, not a step in the middle of production.


Thanks for the heads up. I record in wav on the tascam. It has a few different resolutions which I cant recall off the top of my head depending on how much ya want to fit on a SD card.

I will give this a try and see what I can do. Thanks again for the help.