Best way to remove echo?


I’m currently trying to record a sound similar to the quality as the movie sound in a web browser.

However, when i record via my mic, i cannot seem to remove the echo.

I’ve tried input adjustments, etc but nothing works. my setup is windows 7 home with audacity v2.0.3 with analog headset “skype” mic.

what is the best way you guys see as to remove echo?

I’m currently recording in a quiet bedroom with hardwood floors, that the issue to fix?

thanks for everything!

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You can’t get rid of echoes. Echoes are your own voice arriving multiple times at the microphone late having bounced from the walls and ceiling. If effect, you’d be asking the software to remove you from yourself.

You can suppress echoes with fancy expensive microphones or very close talking in directional microphones, but the best way is to record in a room that has no echoes. The fashion of designing houses with polished wooden floors and bare walls means, without putting too fine a point on it, you will never record good quality sound in there.

This clip will always sound like she recorded in her mum’s kitchen.

I know people that stuffed quilts and blankets in a closet and record in there. I use furniture moving quilts.

That’s an actual successful sound shoot for vocals to match an animation. Note that there’s a quilt folded on the floor.