Best way to edit PowerPoint/Audio su

I am a college professor (and hence long-winded) and I need some help. I need to create a series of narrated PowerPoints and was thinking about using Audacity and then sync it with my PPTs. My question is around editing. I often have to delete, add or change slides and I don’t want to have to re-record the entire script. What is the easiest way to do this so that syncing is not a nightmare afterwards. Thanks.

Can you associate clips of sound with a slide? Then when a slide is deleted, the clip goes, too. It takes some practice to make that sound right.

Are there macro segments in the show? You can shuffle individual times and descriptions, but the Pre-Cambrian and Mesozoic lectures generally stay together as a block?

It pays handsomely to run through all the dialog in one session. Since you’re not recording in a studio (we assume), it means your sound may be different every time you set up for another session. This week and last week will not sound right flowing into each other.

I often have to delete, add or change slides

You may decide to stop doing that if sound production suddenly becomes a nightmare.

“If I take this pterodactyl slide out, I’ll be up till midnight recording a new track.”