Best way to clean up this voice recording

This is driving me crazy. I recorded a conversation, however, the recorder was too far from the persons. You can hear them if you turn it up really loud. I was hoping someone here could help me decrease the echo, and the fizzy sound.

I have Adobe Audition 3. If someone can do this for me and make it so I can hear the words clearly I will gladly pay them a reasonable price.

Thanks in advance,

Can you post a sample of the work? Say fifteen seconds or so and include a portion where the talker stops talking for a second or so. Do not post an MP3 compressed version. It has to be the original WAV file.

If you have no WAV file, then you have no show.

<<<I have Adobe Audition 3. >>>

I have Cool Edit and Audition. This, however, is the Audacity forum. Have you tried the noise reduction tools in Audacity?