Best mic for acoustic guitar

First off, if this has been covered in another thread, my apologies. (And I’m a total NEW-B with Audacity, but LOVE it)

At present, I am using MXL mics. A 990 and a 991 condensor “shotgun”.
Both of these are plugged into a Fostex MR16HD/CD digital recorder.
The recording is phenomenal, but the 991, used for the guitar, seems a bit bright. (Picks up every nuance)
I’ve tried reducing the level on the MR16 during recording but all that appears to get done there is the level is reduced.
The brightness is still very evident.
I’ve moved the mic around to different positions, distances, angles, etc. I even tried the 990, but was not satisified with the quality. (It is still good, but to me it doesn’t reproduce the fullness of the guitar).

I guess my questions are:
Is there a specific microphone that others here use for acoustic guitar recording?
Do I perhaps need to “muffle” the 991? (Place a foam “nose” on it?)
Is there a way to adjust the tonal quality in Audacity? (Like an EQ or something)

Any shove in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. TIA


Yes there is an equaliser in the effects menu. a tutorialcan be found at

and im sure there are other tutorials aswell, the equaliser should help you but putting a nose foam or a popper stopper in front might help, if you can run your your mic through a mixing desk and adjust the eq before it gets to audacity that is the easiest way.

good luck