Being able to hear me cueing up while recording

I’m trying to record a mix on my mix track pro using Serato Dj Intro and you can hear the song that’s playing while recording but you can also hear what I’m trying to cue up…How can I resolve this problem?

You should be recording the floor feed and listening to the DJ mix. I don’t know how to do that in Serato – whether it has two separate feeds like that or not. It’ s possible you may need the Serato upgrade to get that. What did Serato say?


Yes…Serato Dj Intro.The thing is,I can record but while the floor feed is playing I’m trying to cue up the next song to mix and it’s recording that too…I should only be recording what’s coming out the speakers…

You will have to ask Serato. None of the crew here have Serato so we are not familiar with the intricacies of how to use that software.

Ok thanks anyway.

If you find the solution, please feel free to post the answer here - we do see a number of Serato users on this forum and it would be helpful for them.

No problem. :sunglasses: