Behringer UMC404 not working (not recording) with audacity 2.4.2

Tested Microphone in computer sound settings and it’s working fine.

Windows 10
Audacity 2.4.2 (checked also on 2.3.1 and the same problem).

the thing is i have another computer (windows 7) with the same audacity version and it’s working fine.

The software reads the deivce but as i click record no sound input is shown.



Do you mean that it records a flat line - silence?


on the computer sound settings test it works fine

and I did the privacy thing on Windows:
Open Settings–>Click on Privacy–>Click on Microphone–>Turn on the Allow apps to access your microphone

still doesn’t work

What’s that?

the computer reads the mic. I did a sound test and it’s working.

any ideas what can the problem be?

I assumed that meant that you had solved the issue. As it doesn’t mean that, what does it mean?