Behringer UMC22

Hi. Complete newbie here. I have just unboxed the UMC22, plugged everything in, but can’t hear anything in the headphones. The monitoring in Audacity says a signal is coming through, but I am getting no sound at all.

I have applied all the settings that have been on previous queries of this nature, with no change at this stage.

Any ideas?

Did you plug your headphones into the UMC22?
Did you select the UMC22 as both the Recording and Playback device in the Device Toolbar?

Yes to all. I can get audio from my laptop through the headphones (via the UMC22), so I’m guessing there is something somewhere in the settings I haven’t got lined up. I’ve seen a few other posts that have cleared up the same issue, but as far as I can see, all the settings are the same…

So what exactly is it that you want to hear but can’t?

I’m currently getting a very weak signal through the headphones, but only when everything is maxed out. However, where there was a signal registering on the Audacity monitoring, it isn’t anymore…

What is the peak level that it indicates?

It was about halfway on the scale in the Audacity monitoring ‘visual’. I’ve had to work a bit this week, but will have a bit more time to spend today.

Problem solved Steve. The headphones I was using didn’t quite fit into the 6.3mm adaptor. Probably about 2mm out resulting in no connection, therefore no sound. Bought a pair of ‘proper’ headphones and no more issues. (I told you I was a newbie…)

Super. Thanks for the update.