Behringer umc22 [SOLVED]

Hi… trying to use Umc22 with Audacity…
Audacity picks up the Behringer in/out drivers ok… I’m able to record a basic guitar track… but if I try to record another track either over an imported backing track…or the first track I’ve recorded, I get error 9999(also can’t now hear the first track)… I’ve tried everything I can think of …help!!

Many thanks…

Looks as if this isn’t a Behringer issue…the same issue seems to be pretty common in the Forum but haven’t seen any fixes…

What is the full and exact message?
(some info here:

Ok…cracked it…set everything to 44100…can hear original track and record in new track,many tks.

try to watch this . i so helpful

Thanks for trying to help nawfel09, but the problem was already solved: