Behringer UMC22 no signal / recording

I have tried everything and I simply cannot work out why this is not working. I am long advocate of the power of Audacity, however, it has tripped up on this occasion. I have a Mac 27" running Catalina, a microphone plugged into a Behringer UMC22. The program recognises the USB codec for IO and there is signal and sound working fine in the system preferences menus. But there is still nothing in Audacity, I simply can’t understand it. I have tested it in a face time call, a regular phone call and all works fine, including in quick time recording, it seem that it is only Audacity that can’t work with the device for some reason. I have tried all of the other fixes I can find on the forums, resetting, changing preferences to match the recording quality to no avail.

If there is anyone not there who has come across this I would be most grateful for any ideas as to why this particular problem has occurred?