Behringer UFO202 not working corredtly with Audacity

I think this has been covered before but the fix post got old. New Behringer UFO202 not working with Audacity. Audacity sees it as a mono mic and it doesn’t show up on input list. Driver problem? Thanks! Kwando

Check your privacy permissions. While you’re at it, make sure Windows is set for stereo and make sure “enhancements” are turned OFF.

Try another USB cable if you have one.

Listen To This Device should allow you to listen to the whatever is coming into the USB port without running any applications. If Windows is getting the audio, Audacity should be able to record it.

Both of those can’t be true. :wink: But if you have a laptop it’s probably seeing the built-in mic.

It’s been a long time since I used Windows, but from what I recall:

Windows will usually assume that any USB audio device is a mono microphone. When using a stereo USB audio device, it is usually necessary to go into the Windows Sound settings and change the settings for the USB device to “2 channels (stereo)”. It is usually only necessary to do this once, and Windows should remember that it is a stereo device.

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