Behringer ufo202 analogue to digital audio interface

I recently bought this digital interface with the intention of transferring my vinyl collection to my computer using my existing high end turntable and amplifier I have set it up according to the instructions and set up audacity to suit as per instructions all seems to work fine but and this is a MASSIVE BUT it does not enable me to transfer my music vin true stereo ie when you are supposed to hear a guitar playing only on one speaker you hear it equally on both you can also see it if you compare the wave form on bothe channels they are exactly the same ,this should not be ,it’s as if left and right channels are combined at the interface stage and then the signal is then split into two channels thus not giving true stereo representation has any body else experienced this with the afore mentioned kit or any other or is their kit that will do the job properly

Are you on Windows Vista or later? See the pink panel at the top of the page.

If you are on Vista or later, set Windows to record in stereo:


I have and it’s still the same is their a piece of kit out there that actually does the job properly

The kit you have should be able to do the job properly when set up correctly.
Do you have Audacity set to record “2 channels (stereo)” in the device toolbar?
Do you have Windows set to record from that device in stereo in the Windows Sound Control Panel?

I have tried all that I can in the windows control centre and on the audacity toolbar and it’s still the same ??? I am using windows vista home premium

I have checked the control panel for my Sony vaio on windows vista home premium and in the audacity software and still the same not true stereo if you look at the sign waves on the stereo tracks both channels are exactly the same and when you should hear strings in one channel only and other instruments on the other channel but it’s like its been combined to mono and then split into two channels does anybody get the same I just can’t see anything in the audacity software or in windows and I’m starting to think that nobody really knows when all I want to do it transfer audiophile quality vynil to my iitunes can it be more simple so far I’ve wasted time and money on this so I really hope someone can come up with a solution

Please ensure you follow the instructions you have been given by taking your computer mouse and clicking on the links in blue in this topic.

USB input will be stereo assuming:

  • You set the amplifier to stereo - try plugging headphones into it to verify that
  • The cable from your amplifier to Behringer is stereo - try plugging headphones into Behringer to verify that
  • You set Windows to record in stereo.
  • You set Audacity to record in stereo.

For the last two points, please look carefully at: