Behringer uca202 line i/p detected but not active


Ive just purchased this external usb sound card to record streaming sound on audacity through my computer because of no line in/stereo mix options available from my on board Conexion sound card
I have a Lenovo G550 laptop, running Windows 7 with audacity 2.0.3 obtained from the .exe installer.
Ive connected the UCA202 to my computer via the usb and appropriate rca/jack lead from my computers headphone socket to the behringers stereo line in sockets.
The usb audio codec line in option is now detected in the sound recording properties and has been made default, but is not active, ie streaming sound through this option is not heard/detected (no green line activity). The UCA is detected and active on the sound playback properties and Connecting speakers to the headphone socket on the Behringer results in good sound. This is a recording problem

Any help much appreciated



I probably would have opted for one of the software solutions. The hardware way is a last resort.

Put an RCA jumper between the UCA IN and UCA OUT. Plug your headphones into the UCA.
Tell the computer to play to the UCA 202. Tell Audacity to Record from the UCA202.

Remember to start Audacity after you plug the UCA202 in if you haven’t gotten burned with that yet.

The UCA202 has no show volume controls (only monitor), so what comes in goes out. Leave the MONITOR switch off.


Ok Koz

Many thanks
the problem is sorted thanks to your help…I had misconfigured my set up

Much appreciated…its great to have audacity up and running again without environmental noise from the microphone

Kind Regards