Behringer uca202 Help

I am trying to record some audio files, but need to record me speaking into a mic and live sounds from on my computer at the same time.

My question is, will the Behringer uca202 connected and/or disconnected from a sound mixer be capable of doing this? and if so how?

Thank you very much.

The UCA-202 is a line-level to USB interface. It will not connect to a mixer.

Tell us what kind of computer you have and what operating system and we might be able to make some suggestions. Also exactly what you want to do. Record over a YouTube video? Overdub something within Audacity?

– Bill

It will not connect with a software mixer (if that is what you mean), but you can connect the output from a hardware mixing desk to the line inputs of the UCA 202.

The best way of doing this is in 2 passes. Record the sounds playing on your computer first ( Missing features - Audacity Support ) then record your microphone. Doing it this way allows you to edit and mix the two tracks independently.

Yes you can, though recording the sounds from on my computer and the microphone separately has several big advantages. To record both at the same time you would connect the output from your computer to an input on the mixing desk and mix it with the microphone input. The output from the mixing desk would be connected to the input of the UCA 202 and you would then record that. “Software Playthrough” must be switched off in Preferences (it is off by default).