Behringer Mixer Not "Talking To" Audacity Dell/Win10[SOLVED]

I just bought a new Dell computer running Windows 10, along with a Behringer Xenyx Q802USB Mixer. I’m using this - along with Audacity - to produce a podcast. Following Behringer’s instructions online, I have hooked everything up. The mic is plugged directly into the mixer, along with headphones. My recording in/mic and recording out settings are both set to USB Audio CODEC. My USB/2-Track button is pushed to "To Phones/Ctrl Rm. Everything is where it should be. However, when I press record in Audacity, its’ not picking anything up. No sound is coming through at all. For the life of me I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Earlier it was working with the audio going directly from the computer’s speaker into Audacity. But I can’t get the mixer to talk to audacity via the Dell. I’m running Windows 10.

Please help! I’ve bitten 5 of my 10 fingernails. I only have 5 to spare.

Thank you!

…my mic was of. LOLOL. Oops! Thank you.

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