Behringer: iPod missing from final mix

I recently bought a Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer. I have used a DJ mixer in the past, but this is my first experience with a more sophisticated “musical instrument” mixer.

What I want to be able to do is play a song on my iPod, play along on my drums, hear both the iPod and my drumming in my headphones, and record same in Audacity. I can do the first three. :confused: Though I can hear in the phones exactly what I want to record, only the drums come through on the recording, not the iPod backing track. I have fiddled around with the mixer every way I can think to.

Not sure if this might be the source of the problem, but I am using this gizmo to get the sound from the mixer to my laptop. Obviously, it only has a mono input, though I have the two stereo outputs from the mixer. I thought I would be able to just feed one channel of the mixer in, but maybe that’s the problem? Doesn’t make a lot of sense though, it’s not like the iPod doesn’t have a signal in both channels. Besides which, it doesn’t matter which channel I feed into the Guitar Link, it still doesn’t work.

Any ideas appreciated, ask any questions you need to, thanks!

Simple if good. Disconnect other sound devices and close additional software.

We can’t tell what kind of computer you’re on because you didn’t say so, and you posted in a portion of the forum that doesn’t say, either.

I’m typing on a Mac Mini, OS-X 10.6.8. What are you doing?

You also missed one important detail. How are you connecting the iPod? I do iPod playback into music systems all day long and I do it by jacking the headphone connection into a “Line-In” of whatever device I need to power. Sometimes with one of these.

That may not work with your mixer. You may need suitable adapters to get into the two 1/4" Line-In connections.

From then on, the iPod will appear like just another sound source like your microphone or whatever else you have connected.

That will also produce a fully mixed song. No going back and changing it. You have to record it again if you screw up.

You can also do overdubbing sound-on-sound. That will let you layer sounds each on its own track so you can apply filters and effects without affecting anything else. You can also make mistakes. That’s a lot more involved, so if you’re happy where you are, then enjoy.


Thanks for the reply, Koz! I have connected the iPod to the CD/Tape input jacks of the mixer (yes, using the same cable you pictured) and as I say, I can hear it in my headphones, which are also connected to the mixer (using the adapter you pictured). I am attempting to send the mixed signal from the Main Out jacks of the mixer to the “guitar” jack of the Guitar Link gizmo, which hooks up to my USB port. The mike signal from the mixer is making it through to Audacity, but not the iPod signal. The computer is a Dell laptop running Win 7 Home Premium. Any ideas?


SOLVED. When in doubt, ask a youngster for help. :blush: Posting the solution in case it helps someone else. Problem wasn’t any of the things I thought it might be, which is probably why I couldn’t see the solution, but my nephew could (though in fairness to me, it did take him quite some time).

I thought my mike was feeding through to the final mix but not the iPod, but not quite. Neither one was feeding through, BECAUSE I had the wrong Input selected in the Audacity software. So how come I could hear my drumming? Because the input I had selected was the built-in mike on my computer! :blush: :blush:

Once nephew got the input method changed, it finally worked as I intended. Afterwards, I spent the evening trying to get all the input levels set right for good results, more tedious and confusing than expected, but progress was made. Now if I could just learn to play the drums worth a hoot! :unamused:

Now if I could just learn to play the drums worth a hoot!

Lot of that going around.
I don’t play the keyboard, I play at the keyboard. It’s something of an adversarial relationship.


I have the same problem but cant fix it… this is my situation

I have a Behringer 802 USB running straight into my Mac book Pro OS10.8.2. Im recording 1 mic into Level 1 and sending my iPod into the line in via
I can hear the iPod and mic in the phones also if I plug my phones into the main out I can also hear the iPod and mic. When I record I can only hear the mic. I have changed the mic input from Built in Microph to USB Audio CODECn and it still cant record the iPod

your help in this matter would be appreciated…

You probably need to connect the iPod to one of the “Line In” 1/4" jack stereo pairs.