Behringer FCA202 and Audacity--help?

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum and new to home recording. Mostly I’ve used Audacity as a medium to burn old tapes and records onto CDs.

I just picked up a mic and the Behringer FCA202 firewire to begin recording my own music–this is attached via a USB. However, the input from the mic is very quiet…in fact I have to raise my voice to get Audacity to recognize it. After reading a post on the forum I tried Microsoft’s recording device and the input is extremely quiet there as well…

When I use one of those cheap line in/line out mics that plug directly into the computer there is no problem. Does anyone have experience with this?


Surely you mean it is connected via firewire?

The Behringer FCA202 is designed for connecting “Line level” sources to your computer. The output from a standard microphone is much lower than this. The microphone input therefore needs to be pre-amplified before connecting to the Behringer FCA202. The best way to do this is to use a mixing desk.

Behringer also sell very inexpensive mixing desks which will do the job quite nicely, such as the XENYX 502
or Eurorack UB502