Behringer bcd 3000 + Audacity + Traktor 3 LE

Hi guys

I´ve just bought a new behringer bcd 3000 and I want to record my songs but I don’t know how I cant do it…

I’m using the dj system Traktor 3 LE

Can anybody help me ??

Thanks :wink:

The bit’s that you didn’t tell us…

“this 4-channel USB audio interface…”
“I’m using the dj system Traktor 3 LE” which is a virtual DJ suite…

First you need to get the USB audio interface and the DJ software working correctly together… Have you got them working?

Can you Export WAV files from the DJ software? If you can, then Export your WAV file from the Traktor system and Import it into Audacity for Editing.

If Exporting from Traktor is not possible, then you will need to record it with Audacity by following the directions in this guide: