Behringer 1832

Hi all.

I hope someone can help me with my issue…

I just bought a Behringer X1832USB PA, with a built-in multi FX processor.

I have one speaker which I will use as a mono monitor to practice with my small band.

We are going to use 2 or 3 microphones through the PA, and nothing else…

I was testing the PA today and was not able to hear any effects. Does anyone think that this has to do with the set up I am using (e.g. not using any main output?

I really don’t understand…



Does Audacity figure into this anywhere? We would be downloading and reading the 1832 instruction book.

I don’t have the manual so I’ve not checked.
The on-board effects are likely to be routed through to the main mix by default. The monitor mix is probably a dry (no effects) mix if you are taking it from channel monitor sends.
My guess would be that you should use the main out for your speaker, but you should check in your manual.