Behrenger UCA202 USB interface Microphone not working


I purchased this USB interface and tested on Vistas and XP but it wouldn’t recognize the microphone.

I went recording, playback, they both have the USB interface enabled and if I hook up my headset to this device I can hear it fine.

Thing is my headset has both mic and earphone combined. So I hook the mic one to input on the device yet when I record it won’t recognize it. I even went to mic testing and its bar is not going up…

Mic is working perfect, I tested my mic without this device and works fine… I tried L R of the input and even output but it won’t work…

I really don’t know what’s the problem. my computer also meets its minimum requirement. I’m actually new to using this USB interface device.

Help is appreciated. Thanks

What sort?
One of these?

Behringer UCA202 does not work with microphones. It does not have a microphone amplifier and it will not supply the 5v battery many headset microphones need. Either connect your headset to a Windows laptop many of which are designed to do this…

… or use a different USB adapter. We use this one at work and and I have two. It seems to work OK.