Beginning of recording is cut off at playback

After recording music or talk, when I go to play it back, there is a lag and words or music are cut off even though the cursor is moving. Then I have to guess where I am supposed to edit if needed. If I export it as an mp3, it will also have recorded it without the whole thing. How can I fix this? Thank you.

You would need to be more specific…
From what you have posted if record yourself counting for 1 to 10… what do you hear when you play this recording back before it is saved or exported. Have the first words not been recorded OR are they actually recorded in the screen wave display but not being played back…?

The words have been created but when it plays back there is a lapse of about 3 seconds before I hear it. And if I export it, it will only play what I hear after the 3 second lapse. Does that make sense?

Have you a slow computer…?
After recording the 10 words…do Zoom "fit project to screen width (Ctrl +F) so all of the track fits on the screen width…Do you see a long thin line of silence at start of track…?..If so select it and delete it.
The talking should start at Zero now ( or maybe a few milli secs) when you click play.

You could select the first 2 or 3 words and see if they are actually 1, 2, 3.
If it takes a long time starting it must be your computer speed, memory etc.

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