Beginners Q's

Hi all,

I’m new to home recording and am encountering what are no doubt easy to fix issues, but I’m starting to tear my hair out! Any advice and help is appreciated.

1/ Audio is recording very quietly, despite the mic slider being set to the highest level.

2/ After generating a click track, subsequent tracks (guitar etc) are recording the click AGAIN! What’s weird is that on muting the original click and playing the second track through, it becomes obvious that the click track doesn’t start being recorded again until I start playing the guitar, i.e - the first few seconds of the second track are silent, but as soon as I start playing, you can hear the click in the background.

I just want to record some bedroom demos of some songs, but I’m feeling to throw my laptop at a wall at the moment! Please help me!

Also, the guitar track quality is awful. Sounds like the volumes being pushed up and down. Kind of fluctuating.

That is probably due to the Windows sound “enhancements” being enabled. See here for how to turn that off:

Ensure that you select the microphone and not “Stereo Mix” and not “Windows Sound Mapper” as the recording input in the Device Toolbar.

If you are using the mic input on a laptop, don’t expect the sound quality to be great. The mic inputs on laptops (and those built into the motherboard of full size PCs) are usually very poor quality, which is why there is such a huge market for upgraded sound cards and USB audio devices.

Yes Steve! Thanks so much for the advice! Had to change levels in microphone properties and boost the mic by 10db. Now recording clearly without doubling up the click! Gonna crack on now, no doubt ill be pestering you gain in due course!

Ps yes just using simple mic into laptop input, quality could be better but it’s only a bedroom demo I’m aiming for. I have studio facilities available to me when the times right. Thanks again! Legend.