Looking for guidance. Getting a grip on the programme…but - trying to insert some audio into a long track. I can select what I want to insert ok, but how do I generate a gap into which I can insert the clip. I am trying to repeat a short section. The whole is 3 mins long, I want to copy about a 3 second section and then repeat it. Sorry if it a very simple thing to do.

I have printed out the section of the tutorial I thought would help but apart from selecting the piece I want to repeat, it doesn’t help me particularly.

Any help appreciated!


MAC OS 10.13.6

Ensure that you select the actual track waveform, not just the “Timeline” (time ruler) above the tracks.

Make the selection, then apply the “Repeat” effect. See: Repeat - Audacity Manual


Thank you very much for the guidance, sorry about the time to reply. I got back in front of my MAC yesterday and managed very easily to do what I wanted. Just shows the power of the programme - very impressive. Many thanks for pointing at the right area to read. I guess that with the extensive capabilities of Audacity, that just starting out it is easy to not see the wood for the trees!

My previous experience of audio editing involved 1/4inch tape and a razor blade! Similarly for 2 inch video tape. Bit more sophisticated with a Smith block, but still sticky tape was used!

Best wishes

Me too :slight_smile: