I’ve just installed Audacity on Ubuntu and have gone to attempt a audio recording, i’m using a philips microphone anbd when i go to record little or no sound is picked up and then when played back a high pitch tone is always noticed. I noticed when i selected “Vol” as the recording source it picked up sound better but comes back very distorted and still the high pitch tone, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

A common problem when starting to use Linux for audio work is getting the inputs and outputs for your sound card driver configured correctly. I presume that you are using ALSA - if not, use Synaptic to install ALSA. You will probably want to use a graphical interface for making the settings to your alsa mixer. A very good one is “alsagui”, however it can be rather confusing as there are so many controls on it.

If you have a “standard AC 97” cards or a “Soundblaster Live”, I would strongly recommend “QAMIX” which automatically configures itself for these sound cards. If you have some other soundcard you may be able to find a configuration file for qamix with Google.