Beginner with recording problems, can any one help please?

Hi! Im new to audacity and im having a bit of trouble with it, can any one help?

What im trying to do is record dialogue using a samson C01U USB microphone . The problem i have is that all the audio i record into the microphone is really, really quiet when played back. I tried to sort this out by turning up the volume of the track i was recording on which does make the recording louder- but its accompanied by that loud hissing sound (you know the one: “ssssssssssss”). I also turned the input volume all the way up but that doesnt help.

All i really want is my recordings to come out loud, clear and with out any sort of feed back- can any body help?


You could try talking louder or closer to the microphone.
I think that the Samson C01U USB microphone includes a utility for control the microphone gain - check the microphone documentation for details.

Audacity has no control over the signal level from USB devices - it is entirely down to the device and the device drivers.

Everythings cool - turns out that the problem was down to the microphones volume settings.

Thanks for your input though.