Beginner using audacity - It's not working properly

Hi, I’ve just started using audacity (version 2.30, windows 10, also tried dark audacity).

I did what the tutorial videos said to change my voice, but with no success.

Using a minus number makes it a bit deeper but nothing like the mike russell scary demon voice and making it a higher number doesn’t make a feminine voice - almost all the numbers I’ve tried (6-110 percentage change) either do nothing or sound chipmunk-like.

I’ve used mono and stereo - I’m not clear on what I’m doing wrong, hopefully you can spare a minute to tell me what you think the problem is.


If you lower the pitch of a voice a lot, it will sound like a mud monster. If you raise it a lot, it will sound like a chipmunk. If you want a natural sounding voice, you can only pitch shift it a bit, otherwise it will sound weird. You can help pitch shift by altering the pitch of your voice as you speak.