Beginner question driving me crazy!


I am new to Audacity.

I am using a Macintosh iMac 5K running MacOS 10.12.6 with a Behringer U_PHORIA UMC404HD 4-Channel USB Interfase.

I’m trying to get Audacity to record four independent mono channels simultaneously, but instead it records one stereo channel and two mono channels. My microphone ends up on the left channel of that first stereo track. I have my channel selector set to 4.

I’ve searched everywhere and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas?

Currently, the only option is to record like that, then split the stereo track into two mono tracks after you have recorded (

The ability to record as 4 mono tracks is logged on the Audacity issue tracker.

I’m confused. Is this a bug?

I have an older version of Audacity (version 2.1.2) running on an older 27" iMac running Mac OS !0.6.8 with a TASCAM US-1641 USB interfase and it doesn’t have that issue. In fact, it creates 8 mono tracks right off the bat without any problems.

I think it occurred as the result of something else being updated.

Thank you

I’ve fixed this for the next Audacity release.

Thanks again. You guys have better customer support than many paid packages. GREAT!!!