beeps in recording

Hello everyone, greetings from Italy. My name’s Federico and I study and play ancient music. I also work for an Academy of Music.
I need your help: I’ve got a problem with my last recording. During the last concert I set up my usual equipment: two cardioid microphones sennheir e914 , a tascam audio interface us-800 and my laptop with auacity 2.1.0 . The recording was good until the 20th minute of concert,after which an high beep with the same frequency, approssimately 340 hz ( but I could measure it ),is repeated continuously . I think it’s a problem of electric current, the power supply of the audio interface or the current inside the church ( sometimes the lights were frying ) or both. So I’m going to buy a new interface with internal battery, like the zoom u44, but what can I do with this recording? Is it possible to remove these beeps without reducing too much the audio quality?

We will need an audio sample of the problem to be able to answer that. A short 5 or 6 second extract in WAV format will be sufficient. See here for how to attach audio samples to forum posts:

Ok Steve, here’s a sample taken from the breaks between the music movements.

Attachment is missing.

Hi , sorry and thank you for the patience, I was away from my notebook these days. I hope I did the upload right this time.

It’ll be tough to take out those beeps without affecting the other sound too much. As you can see in the track spectrogram view, the beeps sweep upwards in frequency, one from about 260 Hz to 340 Hz, and another from about 500 Hz to 660 Hz. If you those ranges out for the whole piece, then that will take out a lot of musical sound. It would be “possible” to go through and filter out the beeps one at a time wherever they were audible, but I’d guess that would be many hours of very tedious editing.

Quite a simple one to do. ISSE to the rescue!