Beautiful moment garbled

Hello, and profound apologies if this is not the forum for this question.
I believe I need some audio engineering expertise…
Today just happens to be my birthday, and I received a voicemail from my brother, who just happened to be directing an opera chorus this morning and had them sing “Happy Birthday” to me in full, gorgeous, soaring SATB.
But my brother must have set his phone in a vat of jello or something because it’s terribly garbled. And this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments where I can’t call him back and say, “How lovely! Um, would you gather them all together and do it again?”
By any chance in the world, does anyone know of anything that can be done to enhance this clip even a smidgeon? I use Audacity for audiobook recording only – therefore I know basically three effects, none of which seem to apply here.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And again apologies if this isn’t the forum for this!

Kieren Metts

Unfortunately, I think not. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news on your birthday, but it was a lovely thought from your brother.